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Nine Dragons Restaurant
The Shangri-La Smoothie was a non-alcoholic mix of strawberry and mango and worked well at the end of a long day.

8.00 Florida ratingStar
Nine Dragons Restaurant guyonthego

Nine Dragons Restaurant is a higher end Chinese restaurant that features a mix of Chinese cuisines, such as Cantonese, Hunan and Szechuan. The menu is on the smaller side, but there are a variety of drink options. Entrees are mostly meat dishes such as pork, beef, and chicken; there are a few vegetable choices as well. Nine Dragons is staffed by ethnic Chinese, which gives it more personality.

As for style and design, carved wood, sculpted glass and traditional lanterns are some of the accents and decorations here. There was reasonable space between tables, and some well-placed partitions provided additional separation. Light Chinese music was playing in the background, but conversation noise made it hard to hear. Paper table mats had pictures of Chinese characters. The characters generated a lot of questions to the server who helpfully shared his knowledge. The server also gets high marks for his attentiveness and professionalism.

Hot and sour soup started the meal off on a good note. The soup had a pleasing spicy taste and was thick with chicken, mushrooms and tofu that blended well together. A Shangri-La Smoothie had a sweet fruity taste but had to be sipped slowly to avoid the dreaded brain freeze. The vegetable and tofu stir fry main course arrived just as the soup was finished. Stir fry is a dish you can find at most American Chinese restaurants, and this version was slightly above average. The broccoli was perfectly cooked and tender. The stir fry had a light brown sauce that provided more kick to the carrots, eggplant and tofu which were otherwise somewhat bland. An after diner drink of port wine really hit the mark, robust and sweet at the same time and tantalizing on the taste buds. The Chinese ginger cake had some ice crystals but was otherwise light, sweet and creamy. It worked well with the port. Nine Dragons is a higher quality choice for dinner in a park with many restaurant alternatives. It can get packed, so reservations are a good idea.
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