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The Henry's sign is a beacon to anyone driving by.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Henry's Tavern

5741 Legacy Drive, Suite 100 Plano, Texas 75024
Sun.-Thu. 11-10 (bar closes at midnight), Fri. - Sat: 11-12 (bar closes at 2).
972-473-7252 2 hours
February 2013 All year
$20-49 Plano Texas
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The New Fish in Town! When Fox Sports went out of business I was only sad for their failed attempt to make it big in the menagerie of hang-out spots amonst the Shops of Legacy. In under a year's time, Henry's proves to be able to hang with the big fish & consistently provide a catch-all neighborhood watering hole comfortable enough to want to go every day. Prioviding free wi-fi & a great lounge area with couches, benches and comfy over-sized chairs, I could hole up here any day & get some work done, mingle with friends over happy hour, & even share a warm ambiance for dinner with a nice selection of menu items.

Although I still have yet to eat dinner there, I have tried one of their Happy Hour sushi rolls and the spinach artichoke dip. Both were good but the dip ranked pretty high with an added slight spicy kick at the end making it unique & savory. Definitely worth the calories in my book! The Happy Hour drinks leave much to be desired & I will definitely stick to wine or pay the full price of enjoying a better-made drink on the regular menu. Watered down & not even a hint of alcohol, the HH drinks either taste like a jolly rancher or a bad processed lime-ade mix coming out in powder form from a package. I think I've tried every mixed drink on the HH menu & I would advise to not even waste your money.

Henry's is a pleasant, lively and energetic atmosphere with clean surroundings, warm wood colors & many different seating areas to accomodate every occasion-from the lounge area at the back of the bar, to the dining areas surrounding the bar & then the vast space in the bar. Even though it's spacious and open, they do a great job at muzzling the decibels by placing pony-walls between sections, varying the space in higher and lower areas & also using beer kegs in their entry, building a wall that most definitely not only defines the space in a unique way but also acts as a sound muffler. Worth the visit every time, but I do wish they had a better wine selection!
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5/3/2014 3:53:38 PM
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came back here for a beer, the specialty brews are fairly extensive. Tried out a Franconia Lager, on the advice of a woman at the bar. It was not bad, not great, brewed locally. and slightly robust flavor, good sized portion.