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a plaque near the entrance
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve

734 Corn Neck Road Shoreham, RI 02807
No set hours, but daytime is best.
401-466-2129 1 Hour
July 2014 Summer, Fall, Spring
$0-9 New Shoreham Rhode Island
Website Nature Wildlife Refuges
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Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve is a 25 acre natural area on the north end of Block Island. It’s located off Corn Neck Road and is nearby other protected lands, such as the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge. The Hodge Preserve is mostly an open expanse of short vegetation and rolling hills. There was no entrance fee, but the parking area only had room for a few cars.

Block Island was formed around 10,000 years ago from the movement of glaciers. Glaciers also formed Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Block Island is located 8 miles off the Rhode Island coast and is an important wildlife area, especially for migrating birds which use the island as a place to rest and refuel. People live on the island as well but about half of the land has been set aside for conservation. Even though Block Island is relatively small at 10 square miles, it has a range of habitat types, including grasslands, forests, both fresh and saltwater ponds as well as coastal dunes. The Hodge Preserve backs up to Middle Pond on the west side of the island.

The visit here was unplanned and somewhat serendipitous. The initial aim was to hike on the Clayhead Trail, which is in the area but was not well marked. So, after driving back and forth a few times on Corn Neck Road and not seeing any signs or obvious turnoffs for the trail, the entrance to Hodge Preserve was taken in the fleeting hope it would somehow lead to the mysterious trail. It didn't, but the Hodge Preserve was a welcome find. There were no other visitors at the time, and its likely few people visit here at all. Unless you are aware of it, it’s an easy place to drive by. The trail was about a mile round trip and was mostly grass. It had recently been mowed, so there were no brush or vegetation to have to walk through. The hike was easy but pleasant and offered reasonably good views of both Middle Pond on the west and the Rhode Island coast to the north. Short hills and shallow valleys enhanced its appeal. The nearby landscape resembled the Irish countryside a bit, with verdant hills, quaint farms and an ocean backdrop. No animals were evident, but the preserve was quiet and relaxing. It served well as a place for a secluded hike in a natural setting. As such, a visit is recommended for those seeking quiet outdoor recreation on a island that often can bustle with tourists.
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