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mango and sticky rice dessert dish, started to eat it and then remembered the picture
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Green Papaya

13141 City Station Dr #149, Jacksonville, FL 32218
Open Mon.-Thu. 11:00am-9:30pm, Fri.-Sat. 11:00am-10:30pm & Sun. 12:00noon-9:30pm
904-696-8886 1.5 hours
January 2012 All year
$20-49 Jacksonville Florida
Website Food/Drinks Thai Restaurants
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Green Papaya is a table service, single location restaurant serving Thai food and with some additional Asian cuisine as well. It's located in a large suburban shopping center full of big box type stores. The restaurant opened in 2009. Appetizers include spring rolls, fried wonton and lettuce wraps. There are also traditional Thai soups and a few salads with and without meat. Entrees are fairly extensive here with a variety of curry, fried rice and noodle dishes. There are also some higher priced selections such as seafood, duck and steak.

Unlike with many Thai restaurants that have the standard Buddha type figurines and/or cheesy bamboo decorations, Green Papaya was more stylish. Decorative themes were modernist in style and not gaudy or tacky, more like something you might see in a cool urban art gallery. Contemporary décor in the dining room featured glass tables, upscale chairs, unobtrusive dim lighting and tasteful wall art. Some of the lighting had a green tint including a neon light display directly overhead, so the food pictures have an odd green hue. The bar also was small and just serves beer and wine. It was too small to work well for a happy hour.

Arriving fairly late on a Wednesday night was fortunate because there were only a few other diners and the restaurant was quiet. After a long day of sightseeing it's always more pleasant to enjoy dinner at a quiet restaurant than a boisterous one. The background noise was low enough to enjoy the jazz and new age music as well. In case you want to know Green Papaya's ratings in advance of the details, it earned an A+ for service, B- for food and B+ for ambiance.

The server was pleasant, quick and attentive. He knew the menu well and after discussing some vegetarian options, he cautioned about a sauce that contained shrimp. Also, he did not bring out the entrées until a prior course had fully been completed. He was really on the ball. Some fried egg rolls appetizers were tasty and crispy. Unfortunately, the cameraman forgot to take pictures before they were consumed. The amazing curry chicken (amazing in the sense that it was named amazing rather than the dish was amazing) had a tasty peanut sauce, a ring of broccoli around the side and a bed of spinach underneath. Both the chicken and broccoli were cooked properly, but the sauce really made the difference here, without it the dish would have been about average. Pad Thai tofu was filling but underseasoned and trended bland. The server advised some hot sauce, which did the trick. The pad Thai was slightly below the amazing curry in taste and quality, which, in turn, was slightly below the egg rolls. A dessert of hot sticky rice, and cream, and cold fresh mango was a nice follow-up and offered a great combination of flavors and textures. This is one dessert you don't want to pass on. Green Papaya had good but not great food and in a pleasant environment. While not a destination restaurant, it did provide an enjoyable meal experience. The prices are low too, so it's affordable for those on a budget.
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