BlitzQuester: 53

Mexican Sugar Mexican Restaurant Texas August 2014 154
Nick and Sam's Grill General Bars Texas July 2014 104 First
Two Corks and a Bottle Wine Bars Texas June 2014 118 First
Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House Steakhouse Restaurant Texas June 2014 130 First

Questions and Answers: •      Where do you like to travel and how often? I like to travel overseas and as much as I can. Also, i like to discover new places. •      Travel solo or in groups? group •      See everything possible or take it easy? everything possible if it's new •      Like crowds or prefer to be away from it all? crowds •      Ever come face to face with a wild animal? Did you run for the hills or take it in stride? take it in stride. I saw a bear 20 feet away: •      If you could enjoy a meal of a lifetime but it would cost you a month’s salary would you do it? no