Badlands National Park Star Gazing - SD 6.83    110 S Select
Big Bend National Park Star Gazing - TX 7.83    129 S Select
Chaco Culture National Historical Park Star Gazing Chaco Culture NM 8.17    134 S Select
Fort Jefferson (Dry Tortugas Nat. Park) Star Gazing Fort Jefferson FL 8.33    135 S Select
Griffith Observatory Star Gazing Los Angeles CA 8.17    512 S Select
Kitt Peak National Observatory Star Gazing - AZ 7.17    126 P Select
Lowell Observatory Star Gazing Flagstaff AZ 7.50    166 P Select
The McDonald Observatory Star Gazing Fort Davis TX 7.50    88 P Select
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10/6/2014 6:00:04 PM

During another visit in 2014 saw 2 Planetarium shows: Water Is Life and Centered in the Universe. The same guy narrated both shows and was entertaining. The Centered show was better and got into interesting topics like the nature of the universe. Both shows briefly identified star constellations.