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The scenery even around the airport is impressive, but that is par for the course for Alaska.
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Helicopter Tour – Juneau, AK

1650 Maplesden Way, Juneau, AK 99801
Daytime – call for specific tour times
877-789-9501 3 hours
July 2009 Summer
$200+ Juneau Alaska
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The Pilot’s Choice helicopter tour is offered in Juneau by TEMSCO Helicopters, which has been in business since 1958. The tour includes a helicopter flight to and landing on a glacier and/or ice field. It’s a memorable outing both for the novelty of walking around a glacier and learning about the local area from an experienced Alaskan pilot.

Pilot’s Choice lets the helicopter pilot choose between several glaciers and ice fields. The pilot will factor in weather and local glacier conditions to choose a scenic option. The flight time lasts about 50 minutes and the tour includes two landings of about 15 minutes each. TEMSCO has a less expensive helicopter tour just to the Mendenhall Glacier and a more expensive helicopter tour that includes a dogsled ride on an ice field. If you really like dogs, the dogsled option is worth considering. Otherwise, the Pilot’s Choice is worth the extra money because it gives the pilot more flexibility to enhance the tour. In case you have a conflict in Juneau, TEMSCO also offers helicopter glacier tours in Skagway.

Unless you are an advanced mountain climber, a helicopter tour likely will be your only means to see a glacier up close, and they are worth seeing with rich blue colors, vast size, large fissures and clear flowing surface water. In addition, the novelty of walking on a glacier is quintessential Alaska. It is the equivalent of viewing an active volcano in Hawaii or standing beside an ancient Redwood Tree in California. The overall tour was well run and pleasant. The pilot in particular was a personable guy who immediately made you feel at ease as the helicopter whisked around cliffs and over mountain tops. The tour is not cheap by any means, but it's hard to see Alaska in the summer on a limited budget, especially if you only have a week or two. For people who are into natural wonders or just like the idea of a helicopter ride in a mountainous beautiful setting, this tour is time and money well spent.
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