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Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site

813 Indian Mounds Rd., S.W., Cartersville, GA 30120
Open Wed.-Sat. = 9-5, and closed major holidays.
770-387-3747 2 hours
February 2011 Fall, Spring
$0-9 Cartersville Georgia
Website Historical Historic Sites
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Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site is 54 acres and consists of three primary mounds and three smaller ones. The well-preserved mounds were built by the Mississippian Indians from 1100-1300 AD and enlarged up to about 1400 AD.

Etowah has an unclear meaning but may reference water and town. The mound builders occupied and abandoned the site several times. Their settlements included towns, homes, buildings and fortifications; the mounds may have been use for status purposes by chiefs and also for religious reasons. The site was last inhabited around the 1500s when contact with Europeans and new diseases decimated the Indian population. The survivors formed smaller bands, founded new towns and later became the Creek Tribe.

Etowah is an archeologically and historically important mound site. The largest mound is an impressive 63 feet high and three acres in size. The overall site is relatively small however, and the distance from the museum to the mounds is only a ¼ mile. The museum here is better than average and includes original relics and carvings – see stone statue to the right. An orientation film is worth watching. If time is limited, take a quick look at the museum and then head straight for the largest mound. Otherwise, stroll around the site to better appreciate its historical significance and enjoy views of the river, which has a historic fish trap. Located an hour from Atlanta, Etowah is both informative and relaxing and is a good choice for a distinctive date or an educational family outing. The park also lists monthly events on its website. If you like American Western Art, the local Booth Museum is worth a visit.
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