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The monument is visible from a long distance away, and so it's easy to see why it's so well known and so visited.
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Devils Tower National Monument

Hwy 110 Bldg 170 Devils Tower, Wyoming 82714
Monument is open 24 hours. Visitor Center is open 9-4.
307-467-5283 2 hours
August 2008 Summer
$10-29 Devils Tower Wyoming
Website Nature National Monuments
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Devils Tower National Monument was established in 1906 as the first US National Monument by Theodore Roosevelt. It preserves a geologically and culturally significant landmark, a magma rock tower that is like a beacon in a vast sea of grass, a lonely sentry standing at eternal attention. While it is not one of the greatest wonders of nature, Devils Tower is a significant and impressive formation.

Geologically, Devils Tower is known as an igneous intrusion, which is rock formed by cooling lava. Unlike a volcano which spews lava externally, Devils Tower formed under the Earth’s surface and gradually moved higher over millions of years. As the tower is harder than surrounding rock, erosion has gradually exposed more of it and continues to do so. Devils Tower figures prominently in the cultures of many Indian tribes and there are a variety of mythological stories that explain its origin and spiritual significance. It also had a role in the classic film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Devils Tower is obviously the main attraction at the monument. It is 867 feet tall and is visible a long distance away. However, it is more impressive up close, enabling a better perspective of its size and structure. An easy 1.3 mile walk around the base offers many good vantage points. The Red Beds Trail, which is more challenging, circles the tower in a wider 2.8 mile loop. Climbing the tower is an option but requires professional equipment and planning. If you like animals, there is a prairie dog town here along the main road and watching these rodents is highly entertaining. All in all, Devils Tower does not merit a special trip but if you are in the area, it is worth a few hours of your time to appreciate its qualities.
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