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The dining room is nothing special here. It's a bit too minimalist and lacks charm.
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Café Modern

3200 Darnell Street Fort Worth, TX 76107
Lunch = Tues.-Fri., 11-2:30. Brunch = Sat.-Sun., 10-3. Dinner = Fri., 5-10.
817-840-2157 Under a day
December 2011 All year
$20-49 Fort Worth Texas
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The Café Modern is located inside the Modern Museum of Art. It is primarily a lunch service restaurant during the week, though it does have a dinner service on Friday night and a brunch on the weekends. Unlike the museum itself, which is swank, stylish and inviting, the café’s food is unappetizing and the service is subpar.

The dining room does benefit from the museum’s marvelous design. A glass wall and terrace section look out upon the lovely reflecting pools, a sleek glass and steel building facade and a green natural landscape all created by talented Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Unfortunately the café’s appealing backdrop does not make up for other pronounced shortcomings.

Brunch service includes light fare such as soups and salads but also has a few sandwiches and eggs and omelets. Arriving to a restaurant 20 minutes before closing is usually not a good idea; one often feels rushed and hurried and that was the case here. The super food appetizer included a skimpy vegie salad and naan bread with green pea dip. Unsavory sprouts were scattered over the food. The dish was served within minutes of being ordered so not much attention went into its preparation. The salad tasted bland, though the dip was not bad. The next course was a chicken soup which was so distasteful a spoonful was plenty. Just to see if these were flukes, a roasted beat appetizer was ordered and a couple of mouthfuls ruled out any bad luck. The tiramisu tart dessert was better, though pricey at $8.00. As far as service, it was hurried and uninformative. All in all, this was not a pleasant experience. While a visit to the museum is highly recommended, you may want to pack a lunch or head next door to the Kimbell Museum’s buffet.
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