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This is the largest mound on the site. It's said to resemble a bird in shape. Trees were beeing removed at the time.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Poverty Point State Historic Site

6859 Highway 577 Pioneer, Louisiana 71266
Park is open 9-5, closed on major holidays.
318-926-5492 3 hours
March 2011 Fall, Spring
$0-9 Pioneer Louisiana
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Poverty Point State Historic Site is an ancient mound and settlement site built from approximately 1650 to 700 BC by a pre-agricultural Indian society. The 400 acre site which is also a US National Monument includes concentric ridges, several mounds and a small museum.

Little is known about the ancient people who built Poverty Point. Although not farmers, they could gather enough food to support a society of perhaps 1,000 to 2,000 people. Their society was well organized and established extensive trading networks with societies in the Great Lakes area and Southeast. The mounds complex is not the largest in the US nor the oldest but it is one of the most architecturally significant given its size and age. Built by hand by men carrying 50 pound baskets of dirt, the structures include enough dirt by volume to equal the largest Egyptian pyramid. The purpose of the site is unclear but theories posit that the mounds were used for ceremonial or religious purposes and the concentric ridges served as home platforms.

The museum and movie are fairly basic but are worth checking out to get some background information. The museum also displays site artifacts, including many stones and arrows. The park can be seen via a hiking trail or an auto-drive. They cover similar ground so you can save time by driving. It’s worth picking up guides for both the hiking and driving tours as they provide different information. Poverty Point will interest those who enjoy history, like to learn and also to ponder the lives of ancient civilizations. While time and development have taken a toll on the site, there is enough here to provide a good perspective. If time is limited, the museum and Mound A, which is the largest most impressive mound, can be seen in an hour.
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