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like this picture but not sure why exactly
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Swallow Lounge

2820 Elm Street Dallas, Texas 75226
Open 7-2.
not available 2 hours
October 2012 All year
$20-49 Dallas Texas
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This location has closed. Swallow Lounge is a neighborhood bar in Deep Ellum. It has a swank hip feel. It's also polished and higher-end but not to the point of being stuffy or elitist. The bar has two levels and a spacious terrace area that is walled off from the street. Endless mixed drink options, personable staff and blues music are hallmarks.

Deep Ellum has plenty of bars and restaurants and live music in a small area. It’s easy to walk around and usually easy to find a parking spot. Panhandlers and bums are around too as this is not the greatest part of the city, but it does have some personality and culture. It’s an odd place in that it seems to go through cycles of hard times and resurgences. Currently it’s in a renaissance. Swallow Lounge opened in 2012 and draws a slightly higher-end crowd. The age range is mixed depending on the night.

Attendance was light on a Friday night around 9:00. With a larger group of 15 people, the bar became our own and was perfectly suited as a hangout. A few people danced. The bartenders were great, welcoming and upbeat. They were cool with people bringing pizza from a nearby restaurant back to the bar to eat. As for the drinks, a martini, Manhattan and Negroni cocktail (vodka, whiskey and gin) were all custom made by request and provided a nice combination of taste, alcohol and presentation. A couple of rum and cokes also came with generous servings of alcohol. Drink prices were reasonable at around $10. A vendor stopped by with banana bread for sale and one of the bartenders ponied up. He offered to share it gratis, which is a reflection of the atmosphere here. It’s a neighborhood bar that’s easy to have a drink not feel like you’re lost. Mellow Lumineers music or John Lee Hooker tracks, free banana bread and quality rum are the flavors.
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