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This is a famous Love letters sculpture by Robert Indiana who helped establish the pop art movement in New York.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

The Besthoff Sculpture Garden

1 Dueling Oaks Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
Open Mon.-Sat. 10-4:45 & Fri. 10-8:45.
504-658-4100 2 hours
December 2012 Fall, Winter, Spring
$0-9 New Orleans Louisiana
Website Educational Sculpture Gardens
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The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden is a diverse collection of art, sculptures and landscaping located next to the New Orleans Museum of Art building. The garden includes over 60 sculptures created in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries by a range of artists and is thoughtfully arranged across five acres.

The garden opened in 2003. It is named in honor of the Besthoff family - local wealthy art patrons who generously donated many of the sculptures that make up the current collection. The art has taken up residence on well landscaped grounds that contain a mix of the old and the new. Seasoned and sedate oak and pine trees mix with brash and bold terraces and plazas. In the midst of this condensed tension, the art jostles for your attention at every turn in the path, over bridges, across lawns and beside ponds. Sensory overload combines with a yearning to understand and leads to a bit of cultural chaos in a tranquil setting.

Coming from the perspective of one who does not care much for art, happening across this sculpture garden was a welcome and enriching find. It is a far cry from stuffy and uniform Renaissance paintings or incomprehensible modern art that predominate at museums. This art is approachable and quite relevant in its themes, symbolism and meaning. Spending a small fee to purchase a map and guide was money well spent, convincingly so because without it unless you have an art professor at your side, you may be resigned to reading an artist’s name and sculpture title on a plaque. But with it, you can gain some perspective and understanding of the works. It transformed what had begun as a somewhat perfunctory visit into something more enlightening and introspective. For those who enjoy art and especially if you enjoy art with a message, then a visit here will be of interest. If checking out a sculpture garden is not on your travel agenda or if you are on the fence, then a visit here will be of interest.
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