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There was an impressive statue out front of the museum.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

The Chickasaw Cultural Center

1008 West Second Street Sulphur, Oklahoma 73086
Open Mon. - Sat. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and Sun. 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
580-622-7130 3 hours
April 2013 Fall, Spring
$0-9 Sulphur Oklahoma
Website Educational General Museums
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The Chickasaw Cultural Center is a 109 acre campus in southern Oklahoma and was built in 2010. The center honors the Chickasaw people and relates the tribe’s history with interactive and static displays, films, as well as dance and craft demonstrations. The center includes a museum, a traditional Chickasaw village, theatre, cafeteria and some additional support and research facilities. Tasteful landscaping and historically symbolic statues enhance the beauty and richness of the small campus.

The Chickasaw were one of the Five Civilized Tribes in America because they had a more advanced society and embraced European ways. Despite various treaties between the tribe and the US government, the Chickasaw were still forced from their lands in Mississippi along the infamous Trail of Tears to new territory in Oklahoma. Many tribe members perished on this shameful forced migration. Tribal lands were further diminished in later confiscations such that the tribe lost most of what they were promised. Nevertheless, the Chickasaw persist as a people and the cultural center helps solidly their legacy and their future.

The museum covers pertinent aspects of the tribe’s history in a rough timeline format but does so in a perfunctory way. Displays address cultural, linguistic and historical attributes. More interesting ones related myths from Chickasaw culture and provided examples of Chickasaw language. Less interesting was the recreated village. The buildings were identified but were bereft of contents and have been constructed with modern materials. Dance and/or craft demonstrations are typically given on a daily basis, but schedules change so call ahead for the times. There is a short orientation film at the beginning of the museum and additional ones are shown in the main theater. The cultural center has a variety of attractions/activities, and most people will find something of interest. While it was not a must see attraction, it was enriching.
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