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More of the fort including a cannon, the present fort structure provides a great perspective on the historic fort.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Fort McAllister Historic Park

3894 Fort McAllister Rd., Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Park is open 7-10 and museum = 8-5.
912-727-2339 3 hours
February 2014 Winter
$0-9 Richmond Hill Georgia
Website Historical Forts
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A fort where 150 stood against 4,000 Fort McAllister State Park is a 1,700 acre park located about 40 minutes by car from Savannah. The park is adjacent to the Ogeechee River and is near but does not front the Atlantic Ocean. The main attraction is Fort McAllister which played an important role in the US Civil War. There also is an interpretive museum. Recreational options include hiking, biking and camping.

Unlike most brick forts of the Civil War era which were made obsolete by the rifled cannon, Fort McAllister was built of dirt and logs. It was easy to repair after bombardments and successfully protected Savannah from Union gunboats. The fort held out till late 1864, before falling to a Union Army attack at the end of General Sherman’s famous March to the Sea. About 150 heroic Confederates faced an onslaught of 4,000 Union attackers, and the battle was over in a few minutes. The fort was then abandoned. In the late 1920s, Henry Ford helped to preserve it and partially restored some sections. It became a state historic site in the 1960s and was consolidated into a state park in the 1990s.

The large museum had a variety of interesting displays. It was informative about both the fort and the war. There also was a 10 minute overview film of the fort which can suffice if time is limited. The fort was well preserved and was well presented. Note to pick up an interpretive fort guide from the park office before venturing out as it will significantly enhance the visit. Visiting in winter was favorable both for cooler temperatures and minimal bugs. Other times of the year tend to have more mosquitoes and deer flies which love to extend a personal welcome. Arriving late in the afternoon was great from a privacy perspective as there were no other visitors. However, most days at 1:00pm, a park employee is at the fort to answer questions. Had there been more time, the main 3.5 mile nature trail would have been hiked. A park ranger advised that it can muddy and ruddy in wet weather. Also, the park rents both bikes and canoes/kayaks. With an interesting historical fort, informative museum and several recreational options, this park should have wide appeal and is definitely worth a visit when in the area.
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