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The grounds around the visitor center have been designed to resemble a Union artillery position.
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Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center

501 West Linden Street, Corinth, Mississippi 38834
Visitor center = 8-5, closed Christmas. Grounds are open dawn to dusk.
662-287-9273 2 hours
February 2011 All year
$0-9 Corinth Mississippi
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The Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center is the main visitor center and museum for the Second Battle of Corinth. In addition to the center, there are related historical sites around Corinth including earthworks, monuments and homes.

Corinth had significant strategic importance in the Civil War because of its location and railroads. As a result, it was coveted by both sides. The first battle of Corinth was over quickly because Confederate forces withdrew in the face of a superior Union army. The second battle resulted from the South’s attempt to retake the city. Both sides had about equal numbers and the battle initially favored the Confederates. However, their successes were short lived in the face of Union counterattacks and due to very heavy casualties. By the second day, Confederate troops lost the initiative and retreated. Union forces did not actively pursue them.

Corinth was fought in and around the city, and most of the battlefield has been lost to development. The Interpretive Center, which is located near a Civil War battery, includes trenches to provide a sense of the earthworks that existed during the battle. The center is informative and well designed. It offers two short films; one is about the Corinth battle and another is on Shiloh. There are earthworks and batteries on a driving tour; the Beauregard Line and Battery F are interesting. A walking tour includes historical homes. The center can provide maps and more information about the tours. Corinth will mostly appeal to Civil War buffs. Two hours is adequate time to see the center, but visits to other sites will take longer. Corinth is near Shiloh Battlefield and fits in well historically with a visit to Shiloh.
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