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The park lake had some boat rentals (upper left hand corner). It was a picturesque area.
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Kingdom Come State Park

502 Park Road Cumberland, KY 40823
Park is open seasonally from April 1 - October 31.
606-589-2479 2 hours
September 2011 Summer, Fall, Spring
$0-9 Cumberland Kentucky
Website Nature State Parks
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Established in 1961, Kingdom Come State Park is 1,283 acres. The park is located on Pine Mountain and has the highest elevation of any state park in Kentucky at 2,700 feet. In addition to scenic views, the park has unusual sandstone rock formations, including a natural bridge. Park facilities are fairly modest. There is a 3 acre manmade lake, gift shop, miniature golf course, playgrounds and some hiking trails. Paddle boats rentals are available at the lake. Kingdome Come is only open seasonally from April through October.

The initiative to develop a park here was primarily a local effort. A community group donated 500 acres on Pine Mountain to the state and then other groups and individuals added more land. The lake was created in 1964 to enhance the park’s water supply. Incidentally, the odd park name stems from a Civil War novel called “The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come.”

A very steep road heads up the mountain to the park, and it can close in bad weather. The park was mostly empty on a September afternoon, though there was a group having a picnic. The main attractions here are several overlooks with scenic views, a large sandstone bridge, and a 290 foot rock formation called Raven's Rock. The views will be the most popular of the three and are accessible via several easy and interconnected hiking trails. Gazing out at the expansive forests and long mountain ridges of eastern Kentucky was relaxing and having it all to oneself made it even more enjoyable. The natural arch formation was saturated with graffiti, which greatly diminished its appeal. As for Raven's Rock, it was nothing special, just a large rock perched at a steep angle in the woods. The trails here were generally easy and well-marked. A walk in the woods from the lake to the Cave Amphitheater and back was a nice excursion. Kingdom Come has some good views, but with a remote location and limited attractions, there are better options in the area for your leisure time.
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