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The small fort and stockade are rebuilt in the area they were located historically.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Fort Necessity National Battlefield

One Washington Pkwy., Farmington, PA 15437
Park = sunrise to sunset. Visitor center = 9-5
724-329-5512 3 hours
October 2009 spring, summer, fall
$0-9 Farmington Pennsylvania
Website Historical Battlefields
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Fort Necessity National Battlefield is a 900 acre park established in 1931 to preserve one of the first battles in both the French and Indian War and George Washington’s military career. This small but highly informative park provides a detailed perspective on the battle, including background and aftermath and its place in history.

The 1754 battle stemmed from competing British and French land claims. Both sides sent in troops and built forts. Washington and British troops defeated a small French unit. Recognizing that retaliation was inevitable, Washington built Fort Necessity in a nearby meadow. The French and Indians attacked soon thereafter and generally prevailed. Washington accepted an offer to surrender on favorable terms and led his troops back to Virginia after which the French burned the fort.

The park has a 20 minute orientation film and an insightful museum on the battle and the war. A new fort has been constructed on the original fort site and is located a few hundred yards from the modern visitor center. The park includes a renovated tavern building which is alongside a historic highway. There are also some short hiking trails and picnic facilities. Other historic sites nearby include the Jumonville Glen at which Washington’s initial skirmish took place and a monument marking the grave of British General Braddock.

With a movie, museum, fort, hiking and a tavern, there is a lot to see and do here. In warmer months park staff may dress as soldiers in period uniforms and give demonstrations. As it is both educational and interesting, this park will appeal to a variety of people, not just history buffs. A visit is recommended.
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