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Peter Iredale shipwreck and the beach
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Fort Stevens State Park

100 Peter Iredale Road, Hammond, OR 97121
Park = 6-10, military museum = 10-6 (summer/fall) & 10-4 (winter/spring).
503-861-1671 Half day
August 2013 Spring
$0-9 Hammond Oregon
Website Nature State Parks
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Fort Stevens State park is a 4,200 acre park located at the northwest tip of Oregon bordering the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. The park is popular for camping and beach recreation. Fort Stevens also has a long military history and served in coastal defense from the US Civil War through World War II.

Fort Stevens was built during the Civil War to protect the Columbia River from the Confederacy. Two additional forts were placed on the Washington side of the river. Fort Stevens was modernized around the Spanish American War and again in World War II. An interesting event took place here during World War II when a Japanese submarine briefly bombed the fortifications. Although there were no causalities and little damage, it marked the only attack on a continental US military installation during the war. Fort Stevens was decommissioned soon after the war.

Fort Stevens has a number of recreational activities, such as camping, hiking and biking. Lake swimming is an option in warmer weather. Military buffs will appreciate the park’s history as there are a mix of old bunkers and fortifications, mainly from World War II. Most of the military buildings and the museum are located in the historic area in the north section of the park. This area has limited hours and the gate is locked around 6:00 in the summer so factor that into your plans. The park offers seasonal tours in the historic area. Key park sites include: Battery Russell – where the Japanese shelled the fort and which does not have limited hours, the South Jetty area – great views of the river and ocean, the Peter Iredale shipwreck – old ship and beach access, and a guardhouse in the historic section - which can be toured with a guide or on one's own. If you visit in summer, mosquito repellent is a good idea especially in the woods and around the lakes. While not a must see, Fort Stevens has enough activities and fortifications to make for an interesting day trip when in the area.
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