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a second dining room section with both booths and tables and decent privacy
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Bob's Steak & Chop House - Plano

5760 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024
Open Mon.–Thu. 5:00pm–10:00pm & Fri.–Sat. 5:00pm–11:00pm
972-608-2627 2 hours
May 2014 All year
$50-99 Plano Texas
Website Food/Drinks Steakhouse Restaurants
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Bob's Steak & Chop House is an upscale steakhouse restaurant with an emphasis on prime cuts of beef, as well as select types of seafood like shrimp and salmon. A few other meat dishes such as pork and duck are available. There are a decent number of salads and side dishes as well. A very extensive wine and drink menu should please any pallet and price point. Desserts are mostly traditional choices such as cheesecake and Key Lime pie.

There are currently 12 Bob's restaurants, 8 of which are in Texas. The first location opened in Dallas, Texas in 1993. The other restaurants are in Arizona, California, Tennessee, and interestingly one in Melbourne, Australia. The Plano location has two dining room sections and a third room in the back that is suitable for private groups. The bar area is narrow and hard to negotiate when its crowded, so is not a great location to grab a drink and just hang out. Overall noise levels were reasonable, and room/privacy between tables was good. It was somewhat dark inside, but the restaurant had a tasteful décor. Facilities were in good condition.

Going mostly veggie at a steakhouse can be a dicey proposition, but Bob's had enough vegetarian options to make do. The large room in the back was made available for a group of 40 people. Service was first rate, attentive, professional, and courteous. Dishes also were served promptly, correctly, and in concert. Appetizers consisted of broccoli and creamed spinach. The creamed spinach, which had a chicken stock base, had a baked crisp top that blended perfectly with the piping hot creamed spinach underneath. It was deliciously satisfying. A small serving of steamed broccoli though was very average and trended bland. On the other hand, a creamed corn dish was a crowd favorite and a good accompaniment to both meat and veggies. Entrees consisted of a filet and a veggie plate. Of the two the filet was much better. It was requested medium rare and cooked exactly right. A glazed carrot and mashed potatoes on the side also were flavorful. The veggie plate was disappointing with an unappetizing tomato type taste and watery consistency, distinctly unsatisfying. A dessert plate came with mini chocolate, key lime and a carrot cakes. Of the three, the chocolate was best, followed by the carrot. Sticking with chocolate cake is your best bet. Some extra bottles of wine were ordered after dinner and helped make for an enjoyable night. The wine ranges in price from the $30s to nearly limitless; there were enough options to satisfy any taste and budget, but wines in the $50-60 range were perfectly pleasing. Bob's is a throwback type restaurant, like an upscale steakhouse from the 50s. It was traditional, quiet, and comfortable. While a few dishes missed the mark, more hit the target, and Bob's provided a satisfying meal and dinner experience.
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