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a view of the house from the back
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Ellwood Manor

36380 Constitution Highway Locust Grove, Virginia 22160
House is open seasonally from 11-5.
540-373-6122 1 Hour
June 2013 Summer
$0-9 Locust Grove Virginia
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Ellwood Manner is a historic home built in 1790 and was part of a 5,000 acre plantation. The house is near the Wilderness Battlefield and much of the battle was fought on plantation grounds. The home served as a headquarters for Union General Warren and is also where Confederate General Stonewall Jackson’s arm is buried. While furniture and decorations are quite limited, there are some good historical displays on the Battle of the Wilderness. There is a small cemetery here but the only marked grave is for Jackson’s arm.

The home was built by William Jones and was visited by numerous dignitaries of his day. Ellwood was used by both Union and Confederate forces at different times in the Civil War. It figured prominently in the Battle of the Wilderness when it was a staging ground for Union troops. The house and approximately 1,500 acres continued to be owned by the Jones family till 1907 when the property was sold. The next family owned Ellwood until 1971 when the house and an adjoining 183 acres were sold to the US Park Service. Ellwood opened to the public in 1998.

Only the ground floor was open in 2013. A parlor had furniture representative of the type used by the Union general. Other rooms had information on the house's history, its renovation, and the Battle of the Wilderness. Aside for some Civil War style furniture, the house was unfurnished and had minimal decorations. The displays about Ellwood's history and the battle were informative, but the experience was more akin to a park visitor center than a historic home. If you are touring the Wilderness Battlefield, Ellwood is on the way and is worth a few minutes to read the battle information. However, as a historic house it will have minimal interest for most people. The site is staffed by volunteers and has limited hours, however the grounds are open year round and can be seen when the house is closed with a pass from the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center.
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