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This is the famous stone wall at the base of the hieghts.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Fredericksburg National Military Park

1013 Lafayette Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Park = daylight hours. Visitor center is open 9-6, closed some holidays.
540-373-6122 Under a day
July 2011 Spring
$0-9 Fredericksburg Virginia
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The battle of Fredericksburg, fought in December 1862, was one of Robert E Lee’s most successful engagements of the US Civil War. While much of the battlefield has been lost to development, a few key sections have been well-preserved.

The battle marked a Union attempt to rapidly advance to Fredericksburg, cross a major river and then race to capture Richmond before they could be stopped. Due to chronic delays, by the time Union troops were ready to advance, Confederates had arrived in numbers and prepared strong defenses. The ensuing battle was mostly a one-sided affair in which the North launched repeated courageous but futile frontal attacks against Southern positions on heights west of the town.

The visitor center is located near town in a part of the battlefield that mostly has been developed. There is a short walking tour around a famous stone wall at the base of Marye’s Heights (photo to the right) which were defended by the South. The walking tour here includes informative panels, providing a sense of the battle. The second stop on the auto tour is Chatham Manor, a historic home not be missed. It served as Union headquarters during the battle and views of the town from here are comparable to those in 1862. There also is a short video on the home’s history and several rooms have been restored to a period appearance. Other sections of the battlefield to the south are less developed and provide a better historical perspective of the fighting.

While not a must-see, Fredericksburg fits in well with a tour of 3 other key Civil War battlefields in the area: Chancellorsville, The Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House. Those less interested in the Civil War may enjoy walking around the charming town of Fredericksburg, which has a number of antique shops.
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Gar the Bold
11/24/2013 9:53:27 PM
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Some development in the area detracts from the feeling of the battlefield, but you can get a good idea of the casualties at the stone wall.